A successful birthday celebration

A successful birthday celebration

The Our Place Team was based at the Mariner Centre in Camelon on Saturday to celebrate its 30th birthday. The Centre was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1985. The Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary by offering admission at 1985 prices. Our Place Camelon supported the event through  the Community Chest to offer healthy fruit and soft drinks/ bottles of water.

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We interviewed 50 people on the day and met a really special gentleman, Coyle, who is 85. He took up swimming at the age of 79 and swims 5 days a week at the Centre. All the staff know him. Coyle sadly lost his wife two years ago and the Mariner Centre is where he socialises most days. Coyle feels strongly that there should be more opportunities for older people to learn to swim as this has made a huge difference to his quality of life.

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Lastly, a big thanks to everyone that took time to complete our Camelon Community Survey!

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